Bernard von NotHaus

After 25 years of running the Royal Hawaiian Mint, and more than forty years of study on Money and Value,

Bernard von NotHaus retired and launched The Liberty Dollar. His goal was to return America to a Value-Backed Currency, and for nearly ten years, he was more successful than he ever dreamed he could be.


The Liberty Dollar

The Liberty Dollar was  available in Silver and Gold rounds, as well as Paper Silver Certificates. Its purpose was to give Americans a choice of money, one that was backed by genuine value. For more than eight years, it enjoyed wide success, reaching more than $85 Million Dollars in circulation. More than 250,000 people were using it everyday, and many communities welcomed its benefits. Small businesses began to thrive and local economies flourished with the Liberty Dollar.


The Story

In 2007, the United States Government declared the Liberty Dollar to be illegal and raided its offices and warehouses. 16 tons of gold and silver were confiscated and Bernard and others were charged with counterfeiting.

The Monetary Architect

will tell the whole, incredible true story of how the Liberty Dollar came to be and how one courageous man stood up for freedom--even thought it almost cost him his own!

The Movie


A Story That Needs To Be Told

Bernard von NotHaus has been called "the Rosa Parks of the Free Money Movement," but the US Attorney who prosecuted him said he was a domestic terrorist. Those who know him were always impressed by his honesty and integrity, but our government was so threatened by money that has sound value that they set out to bury him in prison for his work.

How We'll Go About It

Making a feature film isn't easy, but we have confidence that we can find the people who can do an incredible job. We'll need money to hire a film crew, cast the roles and rent the necessary equipment and locations. Shooting the film will take about a month, once we have everything in place, and then it's off to post-production and the finishing touches.

What We Need

In order to make a high-quality movie, we need to reach certain goals.

First, we need to raise about $200,000.00. With that money, we can do all of the following.

1. Find a known actor to play the lead role of Bernard von NotHaus. A lot of well-known actors will lend their names to Independent films, so we think we can reach someone who can do a great job. If you happen to know a well-known actor who might be interested, please forward this to them.

2. Hire a truly talented Director of Photography to help us find a crew that can make a great film. We've got someone in mind, and he's very good at what he does. His name is Eric Coughlin, and you can check out some of his work at http://www.twosensefilms.com/reels 

3. Secure locations for filming, and rent any extra equipment we might need.

4. Shoot the film! This is the fun part, with Bernard there to act as our fact-checker and accuracy consultant.

5. Hire a terrific editor to handle post production. This is the person who takes all of the footage and turns it into the movie we see, and we want someone who can do a great job of it. And yes, we have someone in mind.

6. Finalize plans for distribution. We're already working on this now, but it takes a finished film to lock it down.  Our goal is to get the movie into theaters, but we wouldn't turn down a place on a major streaming service. And if all else fails, we'll stream it ourselves and make DVD's available to all of Bernard's loyal supporters.

Want To Be In The Movie?

If you can be in Florida when we are ready to start shooting, we'll be glad to have you as an extra. Or maybe you've got some acting experience, and could play a part? Talk to us.

Help Us Spread The Word

Even if you can't make a donation, please help spread the word about this project. Share it on your social media pages, tweet about us, talk about it at the grocery store, whatever, We need all the help we can get.

Let Us Thank You

For every donation we receive, we'll happily give you something to express our thanks. We've got autographed copies of Bernard's books, we've got actual Silver Liberty rounds and more, and we're authorized to give them out to our supporters. For significant contributions, we even have some very rare pieces that most collectors would love to get their hands on!

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